Project Vision

Every great relationship starts with a little "get to know you". So we want to learn about your business: its history and its goals.

Then we talk about the project specifics. What are the goals and objectives of this project (immediate and future)? Who is your audience? This helps us gather the basic requirements of the project.

Finally, we work to build relationships between your organization and ours, define the project milestones, and formulate a strategy.

Business Analysis & Software Architecture

Kinetic IQ will be working closely with you in a highly collaborative environment to capture your vision and learn all there is about the business to allow development of the application process and architecture for the data flow. This ensures that we create a scalable architecture and ensures quality application performance.

Quality Assurance

An essential step in software development is ensuring the quality of the product. Our QA standards and practices ensure the highest quality application delivery. 


As soon as a development milestone is met, Kinetic IQ deploys to a test environment to make the project available for quality assurance testing.  After the final project completion and final testing phase, the project is deployed to a production environment.

Maintenance & Support

Kinetic IQ provides a consistent level of involvement based on your organization's needs. Whether rapid corrective, adaptive, or scheduled maintenance, we will work with you to identify the appropriate support plan.  We also look forward to providing consulting towards future improvements or additions when you are ready to grow your system again!






Technology Consulting

We can provide guidance for choosing the right technology for any project. Due to our passion for delivering the best solutions for our clients, we are constantly researching new tools to integrate into the development process and pair them with our proven development practices so that our clients can leverage the most appropriate and efficient technologies available.


We combine industry-tested development methodologies with project management tools to deliver well-designed and properly implemented products. As part of our ongoing relationship with you, we make sure to communicate our progress so that you always know what the current status of the project is.

User Experience

Relationships are key and how your customers or clients use your software, website, or application creates the basis of their relationship with you!  We work hard to ensure that their experience matching your expectations and generates the relationship outcomes you are looking for.


It isn't surprising to us that rich and robust applications depend on relationships with other online services and data sources. Kinetic IQ carries out seamless integration with third-party software and web services. This allows your application to work efficiently and provide the most up-to-date information and a thoroughly integrated experience.


This stage is an often overlooked part of the development process, but one we highly value. It is important to celebrate accomplishments and reflect on the work that has been done. We always recommend having a wrap party of some sort to tie up a big launch!